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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 22, 2014 12:36am-1:38am EDT

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>> jimmy: that is -- that is unbelievably delicious. >> giada: is it good? >> jimmy: it was delicioso! >> steve: unbelievable, unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to josh brolin, artie lange, giada de laurentiis. and the roots right there, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tunded for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye, bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- zach braff jack antonoff music from bleachers featuring the 8g band.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ and now, here he is, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: good evening! i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] is everyone well? excellent. excellent. welcome to "late night." we begin with some news that is a little bit alarming. last month was the hottest june on record. scientists are saying the cause is global warming, while republicans are denying that it was even june. [ laughter ] i thought this was nice. in a recent interview, president obama said joe biden would be a superb president. in a related story, hillary clinton punched a hole in a door.
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[ laughter ] i couldn't believe this. according to a new study, 41 percent -- 41 percent of republicans still don't think president obama is an american citizen. i don't agree with them, obviously, but let's be honest, he is pretty thin. [ laughter ] [ applause ] he's somewhere else thin. this surprised me. according to a new poll, vladimir putin's approval rating in russia is at an all-time high. an all-time high. which is good news for him, because at one point, it was down to 106 percent . [ laughter ] it's a nice bounceback for him. [ laughter ] this is cool. tonight, the new york yankees will give away free derek jeter figurines to the first 18,000 fans.
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well, free with your purchase of a $300 ticket. [ laughter ] so not entirely free. and if you're 18,001, well, then that's a real lose. [ laughter ] this is a shame. san diego police are facing criticism after they've started forcing out the city's homeless population because of this week's comic-con. i guess they don't want the attendees to know that there's something worse than living in your parents' basement. [ laughter ] texas governor rick perry -- we're all familiar with texas governor rick perry. today announced plans to send 1,000 national guard troops to the mexican border to increase security. though if you really want to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants, send the tsa. sir, i need you to go through again. [ laughter and applause ] do you have keys in your pocket?
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check for keys. do you have gum? [ laughter ] sometimes the foil of the gum will set it off. [ laughter ] i love this story. the chicago cubs have filed a lawsuit against a man who got in a bar fight while unofficially dressed as the team's mascot. they could tell he wasn't affiliated with the cubs, because he won. [ laughter and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] i was surprised to hear this. i was surprised to hear this. according to new reports, the overwhelming majority of tampon companies are run by men. and according to the same report, most meetings there start with, "no, no, i don't want to hear about that." [ laughter ] "that's not for offices." [ laughter ] this is interesting. according to a new survey,
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american airlines is the world's least comfortable airline. the world's least comfortable airline. even worse, they finished below fedex. [ laughter ] some poll results for you. according to a new poll, two thirds of people in colorado think it should be illegal to smoke marijuana in public. while the other one third are still laughing at the word "poll." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] what was the question again? [ laughter ] this story is just insane. a 58 -- a 58-year-old man in the uk was convicted for trying to meet an underaged girl online in order to satisfy his cannibalism fetish. that's disgusting.
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come on, man. eat somebody your own age. [ laughter ] you're 58. you should be ashamed of yourself. [ laughter ] not sure how to feel about this. just going to be honest. i'm not sure how to feel about this next one. an artist in the uk has begun selling vagina-themed cupcakes. [ laughter ] you know, i've been disappointed by a cupcake before, but i've never had a cupcake that was disappointed in me. [ laughter and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] very odd. last week, a town in florida passed an ordinance saying people with low, sagging pants can face a $500 -- a $500 fine. which they may have a hard time paying because -- let me -- let me just get my wallet for you. [ laughter and applause ]
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and finally tonight, listen to this. a female rowing team was briefly banned from facebook last week because it advertised a calendar featuring semi-nude photos. i don't think it helped that the calendar was titled "stroke, stroke, stroke." [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, this is the 8g band! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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maybe stuff like glassware can go into the box and out of the box. maybe tintin just goes in and stays. and not just tintin but snowy, his dog -- [ laughter ] his companion, the irascible captain haddock -- [ laughter ] in the box. and i'm already not handling the move well because i am so sentimental. i'm already like pre-nostalgic for our apartment. we haven't even moved out yet. and i've just been moping around the -- i'll walk into the kitchen and say things like, "well, this is one of the last times i'm going to be in this kitchen." [ laughter ]
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my wife's incredibly impatient about this. she's impatient about my behavior because we are moving two floors. [ laughter ] two floors. two. i should stress this. we are moving into the exact same apartment we already have, two floors away. so it's -- i'm moving into the same -- everything is the same and yet, i'm still like, "oh, this window." [ laughter ] and today, i had to go -- this morning i had to go down and buy coffee down the street because we -- the reason i had to go instead of making coffee is four days ago we packed up our coffee machine so that it would be ready for the move today. i know some of you might be saying "hey, that's weird. why didn't you just pack it up this morning before the move, so you could make coffee the last four days. well, that's a conversation i invite you to have with my wife. [ laughter ] and if you get to the bottom of it, i would love to know the rationale. but instead i had to walk for coffee. and then on the way back up, a
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guy from my floor was also coming up with me and he said "oh, today is the day of your big move." and i'm not lying when i say there was a catch in my throat when i said, "yeah, today is the day." [ laughter ] and i don't even know this guy's name but i got back in the apartment, and the same thing -- i was like, "well, that's the last time i'm ride an elevator with that guy!" [ laughter ] my wife pointed out, "you will ride elevators with him again. you'll just get out on different floors." and i'm like, "exactly. everything's different all the time!" [ laughter ] thank god i have you. you get me. you get me. [ applause ] but i'm excited. it's going to be a great move. and we've got a great show for you tonight. from the new film "wish i was here" zach braff is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] an old college pal, no less. and we'll be taking to musician jack antanoff, who is also
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performing with his band, bleachers. [ cheers and applause ] very excited to have those guys back with us. first returning band here on "late night." now, moving on, when it comes to infographics, i know which kind i like the best -- pie charts. [ laughter ] however, i've noticed that often times these charts don't add up to exactly 100 percent . there's always that minority that falls into the mysterious "other" category. so we sent our "late night" researchers to determine what those answers are in a segment we call "the last slice of the pie chart." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: the first poll question asks, what would you say your overall opinion of the supreme court is. 56 percent said favorable. 35 percent said unfavorable. pretty easy question. but there's that little sliver left, 9 percent unaccounted for. let's see what they think. 9 percent said -- "is that on after 'the people's court'?" [ laughter ]
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next, people were asked, do you approve or disapprove of the way barack obama is handling the situation in iraq. 37 percent said disapprove. 55 percent said approve. that leaves 8 percent unaccounted for. let's see what they said -- "what is the situation doing in iraq?" [ laughter and applause ] guessing what he always does. gym, tan, laundry. i don't think he has new moves based on where he is. i think that -- that's his routine. next one, people were asked, how often do you check nutritional labels on the food you eat? 21 percent said always. 59 percent said most of the time. 12 percent said rarely. that leaves 8 percent unaccounted for. let's see what they said. "oops, i ate the label." [ laughter ] "i ate it." here's the good news, though. there's probably the least amount of calories in the label and quite a quite a bit of
12:51 am
fiber. [ laughter ] so, win-win. next question asked, are you proud to be an american? 86 percent said yes. 10 percent said no. that leaves 4 percent unaccounted for. let's see what they said. yes, until "the bachelor" comes on. [ laughter and applause ] i think we all feel that way. i think we all feel that way. next, we asked people, what is your favorite book? 42 percent said the bible. 26 percent said "gone with the wind" 18 percent said "the harry potter" series. that leaves 14 percent unaccounted for. let's see what they say. "do text messages count?" [ laughter ] no. they don't count. they don't count as books. and finally, people were asked, do you think aliens exist? 29 percent said yes. 54 percent said no. that leaves 17 percent unaccounted for. let's see what they said. "what? that is ridiculous.
12:52 am
why are you asking me that, hooman. i am hooman. now, return to text messaging, harry potter. what happened on the bachelor? uh -- blee blop glee glorp " [ laughter and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] that's it for "the last slice of the pie chart." we will be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> seth: welcome back, everyone. you know, ever since i started hosting "late night", i haven't had a lot of time to spend with a good friend of mine, seth meyers. [ laughter ] this morning, i won't lie to you, things were rough. i was stressed out. it was a seth no good, very bad morning. so, one of my writers said you know what helps me? i say affirmations in front of the mirror every day. now, i don't know any affirmations, and i didn't have any time to write them. so our writing staff offered to come up with some for me. we worked together for a while now. they know me pretty good and i trust them. i have never seen these before. [ laughter ] the first time i read these affirmations will be right here in front of you. [ laughter ] but i know they've written things that will make me positive about my good friend, seth meyers. once again, i have never seen these. [ laughter ] ♪
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i am the architect of my life. me buildy a nice lifey. [ laughter ] clear eyes, full heart, giant nose. [ laughter and applause ] i am a powerhouse. i am indestructible. therefore i am not the dutch soccer team. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] i am late night television's shiniest new pony. [ laughter ] i radiate beauty, charm and in no way is my head too small for my body. [ laughter and applause ]
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just because the movie "in bruges" sucked doesn't mean i have to. [ laughter ] that movie rules. [ light laughter ] i'm about 6'2", bigger than any child. i'm not afraid of children because i'm bigger than all of them. and i know i could win a fight against any child. i'm a grown man, and i am not afraid of children. [ laughter ] my body is healthy, my mind is brilliant, my soul is tranquil and my booze got me straight trippin'. [ laughter and applause ] as i gaze into my reflection, it
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says i look good. not josh meyers good, but still good. [ laughter ] i am courageous and i stand up for myself. bo-o-oing. [ laughter ] i don't know how or why my hair does that weird flip up thing in the front, but if it's good enough to tintin it's good enough for me. [ laughter and applause ] i feel better already. we'll be right back with zach braff. [cheers and applause] ♪ nobody ever stomped their foot and asked for less. there's a reason it's called an "all you can eat" buffet... and not a "have just a little" buffet. because what we all really want is more.
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good point, ronald mcdonald taco bell's new grilled breakfast burritos: just a buck twenty-nine.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our first guest is a very talented actor. he's known for his work in "scrubs," and "garden state." he's the writer, director and star of his latest film, "wish i was here" which is out in select cities now. let's take a look.
1:04 am
>> i have no -- idea? >> swear jar. >> -- the swear jar. >> aiden. >> i'm sorry but -- the swear jar? >> that word means sex. you're going to have sex with the swear jar? [ laughter ] >> okay, tucker, that's enough honey. the code's "1, 2, 3, 4." what are you doing? >> the swear jar is full. look at it. the swear jar is all the money we have to send you to college so you should be happy i cursed. [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome zach braff! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: they're very excited. >> what a nice welcome. thank you. >> seth: so wonderful to have you here. >> very good to be here. >> seth: 1993? we've known each other since 1993? >> i've known you since we attended northwestern university together -- >> seth: together. >> we are two of their star alums. >> seth: it's true. [ laughter ] it's true. i will say lorne michaels used
1:05 am
to love burning me about the fact that you were more famous alum than i was. i remember he took his son to see northwestern on a tour and i said how was it? he was like "good, they talk a lot about zach." [ laughter ] >> well, it was cool when i finally -- it was so fun to watch your rise to you know, world domination on snl. and i really enjoyed, and i finally hosted, it was so cool to work with you and you being the head writer. >> seth: it's great. and it's great having you here now. >> and the funniest thing was with -- so seth used to text me by mistake, because he knows another zach. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] and i always was so happy to get these texts. i put two and two together. it must have been a writer at "snl." >> seth: it's an snl writer named zach, yes. >> because there were always compliments and they usually came on sunday morning. [ laughter ] and i always felt really good because i would get a text and i was like, "oh, cool, seth meyers, haven't heard from him in a while. and be like, "dude, you crushed last night." [ laughter ] and then i'd be like, "seth, it's not me." and you really, you really did -- you were the person in my life who has wrong texted my name the most in my life.
1:06 am
[ laughter ] finally i just gave up because i uded to be like, "seth, wrong zach again. wrong zach again. and you did it so many times. they were always compliments. sp i finally just gave up. i was like -- 'cause it would be like, "you're awesome man." and i'd be like, "well, yes i am." [ laughter ] then -- "you crushed it last night." and i would just make up something that i did last night. and i was like, "yes i did crush it, thank you seth." >> seth: i'm so glad i never dated a girl named zach. [ laughter ] >> zach, that was the best sex i've ever had. [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm very affirmative with my texts. >> whatever this guy is, zach, you love him. you give him so many compliments. i want his compliments. >> seth: i always tell him how much i like "scrubs." [ laughter ] >> seth: but, you're on broadway right now. you're doing a musical on broadway. and doing a musical is a bit of a dream come true for you, yeah? >> yes, i've love musicals ever since i was a little kid. i've always wanted to be on broadway, finally in "bullets over broadway." i have my bar mitzvah theme was musical theatre, which is humiliating. [ laughter ] fortunately only these people in this room are going to see this, right? >> seth: yeah, that's it.
1:07 am
[ laughter ] >> no, all the other kids were picking sports. that's what you did. you had a bar mitzvah, you had to have a theme. and i was never into sports so i picked broadway musicals, which in hindsight at 39 years old is humiliating. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] it was probably pretty humiliating then. >> don't get me wrong. i entered to the song "let's hear it for the boy." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay. [ cheering and applause ] >> seth: which, by the way, a terrible bar mitzvah song. >> yes, first of all -- whoever planned this party planned it really poorly. because it was all over the place. the theme was supposed to be musicals, right? i entered to a song "let's hear it for the boy." okay, "let's here it for the boy" but it's not from a musical. >> seth: no. [ laughter ] >> and then these poor actors they had hired to be the centerpieces of a table -- not for the whole meal mind you. just as people came in, and they're dressed as different characters from musicals, you know, one is "cats," one is "les miserables," one is something else right. and they're frozen like statues. and so i entered to "let's here it for the boy" and then the people -- can i stand for a moment?
1:08 am
>> seth: yeah, of course. >> the centerpieces were frozen like statues, begin to move like robots to ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ [ laughter ] and this -- and that was so embarrassing and humiliating. i felt so bad for these poor actors. because, you know, they're just trying to take a gig and they're in a bar mitzvah in jersey dressed as a cat on the table. [ laughter ] >> seth: with a reason fuzzy theme. >> i remember there was the jerky kid, like the prankster and the poor person dressed as the cat. the jerky like prankster kid soaked his tail and tied it to some silverware. so when the poor guy got down from doing his robot thing. like the silverware is clanking on the dance floor. [ laughter ] and i remember thinking, "oh my god, i feel so bad for these actors, they have to do my dumb bar mitzvah." >> seth: it was a total zero before someone tied -- the -- the other thing was though. all the other people must of have finally gone, "at least -- did you here what happened to kevin? he got silverware tied to his tail." [ laughter ] >> the other guy is like dressed like he's on a barricade acting like a robot to "let's hear it for the boy." humiliating. also, lauryn hill was there
1:09 am
totally randomly but i went to high scholl with lauryn hill so just to make it one level extra weird, lauryn hill was at my bar mitzvah. [ laughter ] >> seth: lauryn hill was at your bar mitzvah? >> i went to high school with lauryn hill and she attended my bar mitzvah. and you know, bar mitzvah's if you have not been to one, the kids play lots of games on the dance floor and she was my games partner in my bar mitzvah. >> mike: that's why she got into music, your bar mitzvah. [ laughter ] >> i think -- there was something so magical when i walked in to "let's hear it for the boy." lauryn hill went "i'm going to write music." [ laughter ] >> seth: your movie -- you wrote this movie with your brother. >> yep. >> seth: directed it. >> yes. >> seth: and congratulations, you funded it through kickstarter. >> yes. >> seth: over 46,000 fans helped you. >> almost 47,000 of my fans contributed by buying stuff, t-shirts, tickets to q&a's. all sorts of stuff. i did anything and everything you could imagine. outgoing voice mail messages. just -- >> seth: so the more people give the more you had to do for them. did you have to leave any messages? >> oh my -- you won't believe the amount of stuff i did. outgoing voicemail messages. personal video messages and i
1:10 am
said, the only -- i'll say anything into a camera for you for 30 seconds. that was one of the things. and all this random stuff funded the movie. and so people asked me to do like wedding proposals. i did marriage proposals. sometimes it would be inside jokes. i would just promise that i would read whatever they put on the paper, as long as it wasn't an endorsement of something. so people would have all these like -- "hey l249, you're the bomb, love you girl." [ laughter ] "i'm so mad at rj," you know. [ laughter ] "screw him, you deserve better, girl." [ laughter ] you know, and i would read the most random -- >> seth: i just like poor rj being like, "what is zach braff --" [ laughter ] >> that's what she wanted me to say. >> seth: "zach braff never asked me for my side of the story." >> i had this point. this one guy was a dentist and he wanted me to read like a greeting for the people in his waiting room like, "welcome to dr. shapiro's office. please turn off your cellphone." and i wrote the guy back, i was like, "look man, i know you contribute and i really do want to do anything but i think this is really gonna annoy your patients. and i don't want your patients to hate me and then they're never gonna go see anything i
1:11 am
do. and he's like, "i paid good money. i want my dentist lobby message." [ laughter ] so i did it. i was like, "welcome to dr. shapiro's office. please turn off your cellphones." >> seth: did you have say this is zach braff? >> i think i may have. yeah, i was like, "hi, i'm zach braff. please turn off your cellphones." [ laughter ] but i was like so worried -- i don't want to lose fans over this. he's poor dr. shapiro's patients are going to be like "oh, shut up." on a 30-second loop in his office. >> seth: it seems like dr. shapiro might just have some dentist stuff he's doing wrong. >> yeah, i think if he wants me to do his greeting, i mean, why not just put up a sign dr. shapiro, what's wrong with you? [ laughter ] >> seth: in the movie, very funny, you have a young actor in the film. >> yes. >> seth: who had some terrible language, which was a bit of an issue. >> as you saw in this clip -- in the clip you saw, yeah. he's a wonderful little actor. and part of the thing is that he curses and i'm trying to get him to stop cursing but i curse myself. and that's, you know, it's about me trying to be a dad and be a
1:12 am
better dad in the movie. and so when he got the part, his parents said he's not allowed to say [ bleep ] -- you can bleep that, right? >> seth: sure, i guess. [ laughter ] >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> seth: if you see the show tuesday we figured it out. [ laughter ] >> somewhere i picture lorne michaels with a giant switch handle just turning this show off. [ laughter ] >> seth: the power goes down. >> the split second my brain went, "f-word or [ bleep ], f-word or [ bleep ]" and i went with [ bleep ] [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: what about the last three times? [ laughter ] >> but you said it was fine, i just rolled with it. the guy on the button is like "stop!" "stop!" >> seth: "i'm giving it all we've got!" [ laughter ] so he wasn't allowed to say that word. so they said "we're religious, he can't say that word." and i said, "okay, well part of the role is that he needs to say some outlandish stuff, what can he say? so i just started making stuff up. i was like, "can he say hairy balls?"
1:13 am
and she was -- the mom is like "yes, that's fine." [ laughter ] she was like "well, jesus is fine with that." so we really tiptoed around all this -- it ended up being funnier because i was improv-ing the most insane stuff for this little boy to say. and when it got down to it, he just wasn't allowed to say the f-word. >> seth: right. [ laughter and applause ] and you've learned something here tonight, too. zach braff, everybody! "wish i was here" is out in select cites now -- and expands nation wide on friday. we'll be right back with jack antonoff. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] 110 degrees. huh? she's fine. on your right! what did you get? no clue, but it's jacked with protein.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everyone. our next guest is a grammy winning musician and lead guitarist of the band "fun." his latest project "bleachers" just released its debut album entitled "strange desire." please welcome jack antonoff. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> seth: it's so great to have you back. >> someone backstage told me i was -- the first person to come back again, but then -- but then you told me that's not ture.
1:19 am
>> seth: you're the first band to come back. >> but brian williams -- >> seth: brian williams has been back twice. >> so i was like, for five minutes, i was walking around like -- like -- [ laughter ] >> seth: let it be enough that you're in a band. >> i was like, i have great news seth. i'm the first person back twice. and you're like, "no, that's brian." >> seth: i had to break it to you. it was really heartbreaking to tell you. i'm so sorry i had to tell you. but i want our relationship to be based on truth. [ laughter ] >> second aint bad. >> seth: second ain't bad. it's pretty good. so you're in the band fun. it's a successful band, it's a great band. what inspired you to start bleachers as well and sort of be in two bands at once? >> i just got hit with the music kind of. you never know when you have ideas. like i've had moments in my early 20s where i've been home for six months smoking pot. [ laughter ] some people are laughing and some people are like "right on, man." i'm still home spoking pot. [ laughter ] but you know how it is. you know, when you write -- home
1:20 am
in these periods, nothing. and then fun gets successful, we're on a world tour and i just get hit with this idea for another album. and when that kind of inspiration comes, you have to follow it and you sacrifice eating and sleeping. i made this album in planes and buses. "i want to get better" was recorded in a hotel room in malaysia. it really was all over the world. >> seth: you did it while you were on tour? >> yeah. >> seth: that is fascinating. >> which has never worked before. typically when i'm on tour, the part of my brain that writes just dies. and then i tour it, i go home and then it like -- wakes up again. but this just happened in that's actually very special that the album to me is -- i was so compelled to make it. because if anything, it was a very unideal time to create music. but i just felt really compelled to do it. >> seth: you were 15 the first time you went on tour? >> yeah, can you believe my parents? [ laughter ] >> seth: that's crazy. you grew up in new jersey, right? >> yeah, i lived in new jersey until a year and a half ago. >> seth: got it. with your parents right? your parents came the last time you performed. i met your parents. >> they're here. >> seth: oh, they're here tonight. great, i love it. my dad's here too. >> they're right behind you, behind a wall. >> seth: my dad's in the audience.
1:21 am
i would never make him sit in the back. [ laughter ] >> great. [ laughter ] but, oh, yeah, so -- i was not very compelled to used that word again to move out because i was on tour so much. but the neighbors -- you know, they were like, "what's he doing?" [ light laughter ] >> seth: when you're 15, talk about going on tour then. you were in a punk band with other 15-year-olds? >> yeah. so i was in a punk band and i was going to private jewish day school and playing in a punk band on the weekends. [ laughter ] >> seth: not a lot of crossover there. >> no. it was a wild existence. and i wanted to go on tour. we wanted to go on tour. so we had this meeting. i remember all of our parents came to my parents' house in new jersey. and they like put out food for everyone to eat. and then they discussed us going on this tour, which my friend and i were going to book -- this was before the internet. there was a book called "book your own f-ing life." and me and my friend evan went up to his attic in teaneck, new
1:22 am
jersey and we booked a tour that went like new jersey, carolinas, atlanta, florida, texas and back. we got paid a combined $300 in the two weeks we were on tour. [ laughter ] but i fell in love with touring. and touring and music don't have anything to do with each other. so you can love music more than anything. we see it all the time. people who are amazing musicians, they don't tour. people who love touring and there's the worst -- [ laughter ] so i love that i fell in love with it. >> seth: you -- on this album you have a lot of guest musicians. yoko ono is on your new album. what's it like to work with someone like that? >> have you met her? >> seth: i have never met her. >> um, yoko is like -- she's so yoko, it's almost like someone is doing yoko. [ light laughter ] she came in the studio -- they like that. [ laughter ] they're like, "pot and yoko. we're that kind of crowd." [ laughter ] so i had this idea in my head. a lot of times when i write, i think of, this is a -- you know ringo-type snare sound. this is a, geddy lee type part,
1:23 am
this is a -- you know a james murphy, kind of like dfa type, synth line. like i can hear things almost like that. and then you make it your own. but i had an idea for a yoko-ish song spoken part. and then i was in the eighth month of recording. i was totally in like a delusional state and i was like, "we'll get yoko to do it." and i announced that and everyone was like "she won't do it." i send her the music, she's like, "i'll do it." [ laughter ] and um, she comes into the studio next day in full yoko. and -- [ laughter ] and the first thing she did which this would not be interesting if i did it. but because she's yoko she just ate all these holiday cookies. and i still think that's the most interesting thing. >> seth: yeah like watching yoko eat cookies. >> cause anything yoko does, it's like -- you're like -- it's -- it's compelling. is it art? it is art. like it's beautiful. [ laughter ] so i play her some of the songs. she's like, i got it. she goes into the booth and we are all like "wow, it's so magical, like yoko is here. and then she's like -- screams. i just stopped myself from doing
1:24 am
what she did because i didn't want to -- it was crazy. screamed. and then proceeded to do ten minutes of some of the most beautiful, bizarre, lyrics, noises, just like sounds, melodies. and it was everything i wished it would be. >> seth: that's great. so you didn't have to -- cause i would imagine it's almost impossible to go give yoko notes. >> i didn't want -- i don't think you bring yoko in unless you want yoko all over you. [ laughter ] you wouldn't bring yoko in and be like i want this much yoko. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah once you have yoko on the lot, get the full yoko, yeah. >> just let it go all the way. >> seth: that's great. congratulations on the album. thank you so much for coming back. and you guys are going to play for us -- >> i can't wait. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: jack antonoff, everybody. we'll be right back with jack and a performance by bleachers and their new single rollercoaster. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ behold, the subway steak, egg white and cheese: start your day with the most
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> seth: today, they were named a vh1 "you oughta know" artist. and here to perform their next hit "roller coaster" please welcome back "bleachers." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:30 am
♪ ♪ it was summer when i saw your face looked like a teenage runaway ♪ ♪ oh god i never thought we'd take it that far some killer queen you are ♪ ♪ now i'm running and i can't stop anywhere i go i think about it everyday and night i can't let go ♪ ♪ and man i'm never the same we were shotgun lovers i was shotgun running away ♪ ♪ so come a little closer there was something i could tell ya ♪ ♪ you were such a rollercoaster ♪ and a killer queen you are ♪
1:31 am
♪ you know i don't say no when you don't say no ♪ ♪ you're such a rollercoaster some killer queen you are ♪ ♪ we took the bones out from the road those endless nights that we traveled we stole ♪ ♪ oh yeah you let your clothes fall to the floor ♪ ♪ and lit a fire while i waited for more ♪ ♪ now i'm running and i won't stop i don't wanna go i think about it everyday and night i can't let go ♪ ♪ and then i'm never the same ♪ it's a hundred miles an hour on a dirt road running away ♪ ♪ so come a little closer there was something i could tell ya ♪ ♪ you were such a rollercoaster ♪ and a killer queen you are ♪ ♪ you know i don't say no when you don't say no ♪ ♪ you're such a rollercoaster some killer queen you are ♪ ♪
1:32 am
♪ come a little closer why don't you come a little closer ♪ ♪ why don't you come a little closer there was something i could tell ya ♪ ♪ you were such a rollercoaster some killer queen you are ♪ ♪ you know i don't say no when you don't say no ♪ ♪ woah you're such a rollercoaster some killer queen you are ♪ ♪ ♪ woah you're such a rollercoaster some killer queen you are ♪ ♪
1:33 am
[cheers and applause] >> seth: bleachers "strange desire" is out now. for tour dates go to we'll be right back! [cheers and applause] ♪
1:34 am
1:35 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to zach braff, jack antanoff, bleachers! and of course, the 8g band! stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
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1:37 am
>> carson: hi, i'm carson daly coming to you tonight from e.v.r right here in new york city. thanks for watching. tonight, we're going to spotlight a new film about renowned street photographer vivan maier. we'll bring you music from south by southwest. but first, gareth evans is a welch filmmaker who relocated to indonesia and began creating the coolest martial-arts films of his generation. "the raid" was a smash hit at film festivals and went on to become a cult classic. now he's back with "the raid 2", which received a standing ovation at sundance. it finally lands in theaters this week. for more, we go to 1 oak for tonight's "last call" spotlight. ♪


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